Surrey fund could win back our social centre

One of our funding routes, crucial to gain the funding to buy the Wells Social Centre from our local council, is an application soon to be made to Your Fund Surrey by EWCA.

We asked Nicola Morris from the Your Fund team some questions on how it all works.

Question: What is the average time from an application being received and completed?
Nicola Morris: Timescales depend a lot on the complexity of the project. There will be a rolling programme to consider submitted bids, so there is no deadline for applying. Funding is available over a five-year period currently.  We would estimate it would probably take around three months on average from application to funding. We expect the first projects to be approved in early summer.

Question: Does a scheme, such as assistance for a community centre attracting participants from a wide area of Surrey, attract greater help?
NM: All projects need to demonstrate a wider community benefit. If schemes meet the criteria they will all be assessed equally.

Question: Is there an upper limit in what is offered?
NM: There is no upper limit.

Question: Does the applicant need to work alone or with partners?
NM: Demonstrating local support and collaboration will be positive, but there is no requirement to work with partners.

Question: Does the scheme favour particular types of schemes
NM: Schemes need to be for capital funding and demonstrate a community benefit, but all schemes will be considered equally.

Question: Is there a large drop-out rate among applicants?
NM: The bid stage is not yet open so I can’t answer that question, but we hope that the process will be relatively straightforward. As you’ll understand, particularly for large bids, there will be a degree of scrutiny as public money is being awarded. However, we would hope to support people through the process and, if the bid cannot proceed at a particular stage, we will offer feedback to allow applicants to refine and resubmit bids if they wish.

The next phase of the application process will be happening soon and we will keep you updated on our progress. If you would like to find out more about the Your Fund project you can find it here:

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