The Wells Community Centre, Epsom

The heart of a community

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The Epsom Wells Community Association (EWCA) is a group of local residents from The Wells, Epsom, who want to reopen and run the Epsom Wells Community Centre as a vibrant, multi-generational community space.

“The Wells Centre is a valued community hub”

The Epsom Civic Society

“We both went to numerous social events and we had our 25th wedding anniversary there”

Barry Murton, Local Resident
All aerial photography © Alan Becken

Proven interest. Proven need.

In 2020, EWCA produced a self-funded information booklet, pulling together hours of research by the team and supportive borough councillors. It was designed to educate the current EEBC councillors on the history of The Wells Centre and its closure. Also highlighting its ongoing value and relevance to the borough as a whole. The crowdfunding for this booklet was raised from the local community in under a day, during a global pandemic.

Our team knocked on over 400 doors across the following areas: The Wells, Stamford Green, Ebbisham, and the Dorking Road. 9 out of 10 people spoken to said they would use a reopened, vibrant centre that catered for multiple age groups.

The Community’s Response

Let’s build something together.