Your Fund Surrey

History of our Your Fund Surrey application

As some of you will be aware, we are submitting a funding request to the Your Fund Surrey initiative. The first stage was to create a pin briefly outlining our community project. We asked many of you, via Facebook, to support us by giving our idea a thumbs up. Many of you did and we even got a few people with the same idea, which is fantastic. You can see the map via the link below

The next stage of the process begins in mid February. We will need to complete a far more detailed outline of our proposal, and will again need your input and support at that stage.

Keep your eyes on our news section or join our email list for latest updates. We don’t spam and will only send an email when there is news or we need your help.

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The Epsom Wells Community Association (EWCA) was set up by Epsom Wells residents committed to reopening and running the Epsom Wells Centre.

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